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module Logic.decidability where

open import Lang.dataStructures using (
  Bool; true; false;
; List;
  one; two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine; ten; zero; succ;
  _::_; [])

open import Types.proofsAsData using (
  __; eq₀; eq;
  __; neq₀; neq₁; neq;
  __; refl; succ∈;
  _<=_; ltz; lt)

open import Logic.logicBasics using (
;; ⟂-elim; ¬; contradiction; contrapos)

open import Types.relations using (Rel)

The data types of boolean algebra that we have seen so far, come in two forms:

  1. A computable form Bool with its objects true and false.
  2. A provable form with and its objects.

We can always connect such forms of representation of the same underlying mathematical structures:

: Bool  Set
⤳ true =
⤳ false =

Decidable propositions are ones whose types exist. Either we can compute P or ¬ P. In the words of logic, either proposition P has a proof or it has been disproved:

data Dec {p} (P : Set p) : Set p where
  yes : ( p :   P)  Dec P
  no  : (¬p : ¬ P)  Dec P

This is also called the “law of excluded middle”, which states that any proposition may either is true or its negation is true. There is no way a proposition can take on a value such as “maybe true” or “generally perceived to be false” etc. We can write a function mapping a relation to a decidable one:

toDecidable : {A : Set}  Rel A  Set
toDecidable __ =  {x y}  Dec (x ∼ y)

Decidability can be pretty useful in the following ways:

Check if a certain proposition will terminate

_isLessThan_ : toDecidable _<=_
zero isLessThan _ = yes ltz
succ m isLessThan zero = no λ()
succ m isLessThan succ n with m isLessThan n
... | yes ltz = yes (lt ltz)
... | no ltz =

One can extract whether a given proposition is decidable as a boolean:

_: {P : Set}  Dec P  Bool
⌊ yes _= true
⌊ no  _= false

Pattern matching

Quite frequently we need to go activities in which we test if an object is of a particular type, or confirms with a given set of rules. Say, we want to test if a given number is Even:

data Even : Set where
  ezero  : Even zero
  e2succ : {n :}  Even n  Even (succ (succ n))